Sven 21

REF: 45886 / SIZES: M – L – XL – XXL – XXXL
Long-sleeved pullover. 3/4 central neck zip closure. Preform on the hem and interior finish of custom elastic band. Fabric: 100% breathable polyester. Soft interior finish, pleasant to the touch. Silent Weave With a digital camouflage print design.

  1. 3/4 central zip fastening at collar.
  2. Pre-shaped hem and personalised elasticated waistband on the inside.
  3. Fabric: 100% breathable polyester. 210-200gr/m2.
  4. Finished with soft black lining, pleasant to the touch.
  5. Customised logos, seams and details in high visibility orange.


  1. In between seasons as an outer garment when days are still cool and a jacket is not necessary.
  2. For winter when the days are cold as an inner garment under a jacket.

Weight: 820 grams