Technical Gel Insoles

REF:4599959 / SIZES: S (35/38) M (39/42) L (43/46)
Technical gel insoles with triple composition (gel + foam + microfiber) and European Health Product Certification. It alleviates and prevents pain pathologies related to the impact chain (feet, knees, hips, lumbar and cervical).

Triple composition:
1. Thermocrep-Gel: Patented gel with medicinal grade components and high degree of cushioning. Expanded structure of honeycomb and pipes that allow a constant flow of air. Made with eucalyptus essence.
2. Memory Plus: Active carbon foam that cancels the smell by destroying the germs that cause it; it also cushions so it prevents fatigue and is 100% breathable.
3. Tecnion Technical Fabric: Microfiber with skin feeling and touch, breathable and absorbent. Antiallergic, antibacterial and thermoregulatory.