Hunting in Latin America can be practised in many places. However, species availability, permits and regulations vary from country to country and region to region. Which countries offer the best hunting experience, in which regions, and which species are found there? Summarised below.

The best hunting regions in Latin America

Some of the most prominent are these.

  • Argentina: In Argentina, hunting takes place on vast tracts of private land and in controlled hunting reserves. Popular game species include axis deer, wild boar, partridge and woodcock. The season varies according to the species, but generally begins in March and ends in August.
  • Mexico: Mexico is a popular destination for waterfowl hunting, especially in the Yucatan Peninsula. Wetland and mangrove areas with a wide variety of species can be found there. It is also possible to hunt wild boar in some regions, such as in the Sierras of Sonora and Chihuahua.
  • Uruguay: In Uruguay, as in Argentina, hunting is carried out on private land and in controlled reserves. Among the most common species are the common hare and turtle dove. The season varies according to the species, but generally starts in March and ends in August.
  • Chile: Chile offers a wide variety of species, from the northern desert zone to the southernmost part of Patagonia. Guanacos, deer, wild boar and other wild animals can be found along its borders. The hunting season varies greatly between the north and the south of the country, as the two climates are very different.

Of the countries mentioned above, Argentina and Chile stand out for the hunting tradition of part of their population. In turn, within them, the regions that stand out the most are the following.

  • La Pampa: Where can you go hunting in Argentina? Undoubtedly, it is the Argentinean province with the most private hunting grounds. It is also, and for this reason, where it is the most economically and touristically developed.
  • La Araucanía: In Chile, hares roam freely in this region. It is possible to hunt a good number of them and get a tasty dinner. All you need is a hunting permit for small game and big game.

La caza en Latinoamérica puede ser una actividad apasionante. Es importante hacerlo conforme a los requisitos legales de cada país, así como evitar la captura de especies protegidas. De ello depende que la cacería siga siendo del disfrute de todos los cazadores.

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