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We have often heard of first, second and third layer garments. But what are they really? With Chiruca® Tech Equipment you will be perfectly prepared for the hunt.

Textil Caza Chiruca / Primera Capa
chiruca textile hunting

first layer

The first layer of clothing in contact with the skin should keep us dry from perspiration and also be breathable. Today’s synthetic shirts, T-shirts and pants are as pleasant to the touch as cotton and other natural fibres, but without the disadvantages of the latter (they don’t breathe, they soak up sweat until they collapse and the sweat cools down). Many hunters believe that first layer garments should be warm and not too thin, which is a mistake.

It is best if they are as thin as possible, of a fibre that is not necessarily very insulating but capable of transporting moisture to the outside, and somewhat elastic, so that once adjusted to the body they favour the capture of water vapour or sweat to be transferred to the outside.

Textil Caza Chiruca / Segunda Capa
chiruca textile hunting

SECOND layer

Second layer garments, popularly known as fleeces, pullovers or pullovers, have evolved considerably and are now more advanced, lighter, warmer and more breathable.

The second layer must function properly as a thermal insulator at a reasonable weight and thickness.

Textil Caza Chiruca / Tercera Capa
chiruca textile hunting


The third layer is made up of garments that will protect us from adverse weather, mainly water in the form of rain or snow, and also from the wind.

Jackets, jackets and jackets and trousers can be waterproof, windproof and breathable.