Chiruca Warranty

All Chiruca products offer a guarantee that covers damage caused by faults in the raw materials or in the manufacturing process.

This warranty does not cover failures caused by:

  • Normal wear and tear:
    • Improper or non-ordinary use. On the use of each model see our catalogues and the website www.cazachiruca.en/catalogue.
    • Improper care or maintenance; for correct care see the advice on the base of the boxes, hangtags, catalogues and the website www.cazachiruca.en.
    • Contact or tears caused by external agents, such as rock edges, branches, crampons, etc.
    • Aggressive materials such as fire, animal droppings, acids, hydrocarbons, building materials, etc.
    • Discolouration caused by UV rays.
    • Situations similar to those outlined above.

In the event of any anomaly in a Chiruca product, we will be very interested in studying it and determining if the possible defect is covered by the guarantee and its causes. To do this, please clean the product and return it together with the purchase receipt to the establishment where it was purchased for an initial inspection and subsequent shipment to Calzados FAL, S.A. (Chiruca) after the retailer’s authorisation has been requested by us. If the product has not been cleaned before being sent to Calzados FAL, S.A. (Chiruca) it will be immediately returned to the owner.

After an examination carried out by the company’s Quality Department, within a reasonable period of time, and in the event that the fault is covered by the guarantee, Calzados FAL, S.A. (Chiruca) may either repair it or replace it free of charge in the event that the repair proves impossible or disproportionate.