One of the basic requirements for hunting is to have a gun, but to do so, you must have a licence. In turn, in order to obtain this licence, it is essential to pass the hunter’s aptitude test. Passing this test is crucial in hunting. Given its importance, this article will explain what the tests that make it up consist of.
What does the hunting aptitude test consist of?

The importance of this test lies in its fundamental role in guaranteeing ethical, safe and sustainable hunting. It not only promotes compliance with the laws and regulations related to hunting, but also stresses the need to understand and respect the ecology of the fauna hunted. This aptitude test consists of two exams, one theoretical and one practical.

Aptitude proof for hunting
Theoretical exam

Consisting of 20 multiple-choice questions, they must be answered in 20 minutes. Of these, 16 must be answered correctly in order to pass. The syllabus can be downloaded from the Guardia Civil website, exactly in Annex I of the Resolution of 19 October 1999. Some of the key contents are:

  • Legislation and regulations: Includes safety and seasonal regulations, hunting limits and species-specific restrictions.
  • Wildlife ecology: Knowledge about the habitats, behaviours or migration, among others, of the hunted species.
  • Hunting ethics: Ethical principles governing responsible hunting, such as respect for wildlife.
  • Hunting safety: Accident prevention measures and application of first aid in case of emergency.
Practical exam

It should be noted that in order to take this exam, it is essential to have passed the theoretical exam within the previous six months. That said, it should be stressed that the aim of this practical test is to check the ability of aspiring hunters with weapons and, to this end, it is carried out in authorised shooting ranges. To pass, five accurate shots must be fired at a target 25 metres away, at least one of which must hit the target.

In conclusion, being a responsible and ethical hunter involves much more than simply carrying a gun and going into the woods to hunt. Therefore, as explained above, in order to own a gun, it is essential to first undergo a special aptitude test. As a national and international hunting equipment company, we promote responsible hunting and provide the necessary resources and equipment to ensure that hunters are well prepared and equipped to enjoy their exciting outdoor adventure.

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