Proper care and storage of your hunting clothing is essential to ensure its durability and performance over time.

Here are some important tips to keep your garments in top condition:

How to care for and store your hunting clothing to increase its durability
How to care for and store your hunting clothing to increase its durability

1. Regular cleaning: After every hunting trip, it is important to clean your clothing to remove dirt, mud and traces of blood or other residue. Follow the washing instructions on the care labels of your clothing. In many cases, they can be machine washed with a mild detergent in cold water. Avoid using fabric softeners, as they can affect the water repellency of certain garments.

2. Proper drying: After washing your hunting clothes, be sure to dry them thoroughly before storing them. If possible, hang garments outside to dry in the sun, which will help eliminate odours and prevent bacterial growth. Avoid drying directly on heat sources such as radiators or tumble dryers, as this can damage special materials and finishes.

3. Insect and rodent repellent: To prevent insects and rodents from damaging your hunting clothing while in storage, you can use insect repellent cloth bags or sealed bags for storage. You can also spray a specific repellent on the clothing before storing it.

4. Store in a cool, dry place: Find a cool, dry, well-ventilated place to store your hunting clothes when they are not in use. Avoid places that are damp or have extreme temperature fluctuations, as this can encourage the growth of mould and mildew and deteriorate clothing materials.

5. Avoid direct sun exposure: While it is beneficial to dry clothing in the sun after washing, avoid storing clothing for prolonged periods of time in direct sunlight, as this can fade colours and materials over time.

6. Periodic inspection and maintenance: Before storing your hunting clothes for the next season, it is advisable to check them carefully for damage or wear. Repair any rips, loose seams or faulty fastenings to prevent them from worsening during storage.

7. Use protective covers: If you have particularly delicate or high-value garments, consider storing them in protective covers to keep them safe from dust, moisture and other elements that can damage them.

Special mention should be made of footwear, which with some simple care you can extend its useful life:

After use, allow to air and dry the moisture naturally. In heat sources the skins become dehydrated and stiff.

Remove moisture from the inside of the boot by filling the boot with newspaper.

When they are dry, brush them gently with the CHIRUCA® brush to remove dirt.

Clean only with a cloth with lukewarm or slightly soapy water.

Then spread CHIRUCA® cream over the footwear, it nourishes the leather and prevents cracks, without obstructing perspiration. Not recommended for split leather.

Regular use of CHIRUCA® water repellent prevents the weight of the boots from increasing as it keeps the leather and cords dry. It also repels dirt and stains.

Eliminate bacteria and bad smells with CHIRUCA® deodorant.

By following these care and storage tips, you can increase the durability and lifespan of your hunting clothing, ensuring it is ready to wear in top condition every time you venture outdoors.

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